Welcome to Aladdin's Cave Costume Hire!

We have a collection of up to date costumes including male and female Arab/Turks. We also have Belly dancers, Harem girls, Sheikhs and Genies, in various sizes.

Try a Murder Mystery game, we have theme games to match our Roman costumes. Be a gladiator, Goddess, princess or Senator, these are great fun on a winter evening with friends.

We have a large collection of vintage style clothing, Hippy, 50's, 60's and 70's characters and legends from the past.

John Lennon, Elvis, Marylin Munroe, Bob Marley, Jimmy Hendricks, Tom Jones
, and many more can be created from our theatrically colourful collection and we have lots of wigs in good condition to make your character realistic.

Medieval costumes are always popular, harking back to grander times when men fought battles and ladies dressed in splendid drapery. Flowing frocks, gold and braid, swords and armour. Who can resist a trip back in time? We have a mystery game with this theme too, try it, the props are fun.

Western theme parties are great fun. The bawdy saloon, the dusty cowboys, the smart gunslinger and card sharp, bales of hay and lanterns, saloon girls, cowgirls, settlers and schoolteachers all have a place at the western theme party.

We sell novelties, accessories and props relating to fancy dress. Masquerade masks, conventional and character wigs, red and black fish net tights, face paint, Austin Powers's teeth, to mention just a few.

Please come in and see what we have and get some ideas for your next party.

Colour is everything in these Rio costumes, enjoy the flamboyant Madi Gras theme. Rock and Roll is always varied and great fun. A good excuse to hire a jukebox and jive away the night.

Punk rockers
and glittery jackets, leather pants, Mullet hair do's, pimps, gangsters, and the character list just keeps going. Do come in to see what we have that you can use.

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